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Inspired by a listener question, this week on LBR we’re exploring how to be a safe place to have spiritual conversations, or, conversations where we bring our souls and whole selves into them to connect with people on a deeper level.

“Learning to be okay with the pain that someone’s in and just sit in it and to explore it with them is what creates safety. And safety is what creates meaning. And meaning is what allows us to actually be two souls together.”

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PS: I love hearing from you! This podcast, in some ways, is like a little bit of free coaching. Shoot me a message at if you’ve got any questions on how to approach a situation in your life or leadership. It’s not exactly the same thing as coaching, but a little something extra for your journey.


Nicole Unice is a popular author and communicator who is passionate about facilitating environments of safety and vulnerability so that individuals and communities can courageously identify the obstacles keeping them from maximum potential.

Nicole lives in Richmond, VA with her husband, three children, and two dogs!

In her books, Nicole is passionate about making transformation attainable and accessible to people in all stages of life. As a coach, she brings clarity and courage for individuals and teams as they pursue a preferred future.  As a speaker, Nicole brings both wit and wisdom to the platform, with an honest and vulnerable approach that appeals to both faith and leadership environments alike.

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