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I’m so excited about the conversation I have to share with you today, with guest Terence Lester.  Terence is a minister, speaker, community activist, author, and founder of Love Beyond Walls, a not-for-profit organization focused on poverty awareness and community mobilization. His awareness campaigns on behalf of the poor have been featured in USA Today, Essence, Black Enterprise, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS News, NBC, Upworthy, and “The Bright Side” with Katie Couric. They have been viewed by millions of people globally. Terence has written five books. His new book, “When We Stand: The Power of Seeking Justice Together,” was just released on May 18th.

You’re going to love this conversation, and it may just open your eyes to some things you haven’t been thinking about, some challenges Terence has for us, and I also ask a really specific question from my own life.

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Nicole Unice is a popular author and communicator who is passionate about facilitating environments of safety and vulnerability so that individuals and communities can courageously identify the obstacles keeping them from maximum potential.

Nicole lives in Richmond, VA with her husband, three children, and two dogs!

In her books, Nicole is passionate about making transformation attainable and accessible to people in all stages of life. As a coach, she brings clarity and courage for individuals and teams as they pursue a preferred future.  As a speaker, Nicole brings both wit and wisdom to the platform, with an honest and vulnerable approach that appeals to both faith and leadership environments alike.

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