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On today’s episode, I share what I call the “X Factor” in healing.

As I slowly heal from ACL surgery, I’m reminded that our physical bodies point us to a deep and wonderful truth about our souls. What’s true for my knee is also true for healing in our hearts. And it’s this:

Time + Attention = Healing.

You always need both for true healing. Time alone does not heal (ever notice how a wound from your past might pop up again even after many years have gone by?). On the flip side, you can’t heal immediately even with lots of attention (I sure wish I could cram all of my ACL physical therapy into one day, but I also need the time to heal).

  •         Healing needs an environment of protection. This is often why we begin to process and heal from childhood trauma when we’re adults in a safer environment to do so. There is no healing without safety and boundaries around that wound. (Think of it like a knee brace; I can’t heal without first protecting my injury from more damage).


  •         Healing needs an environment of attention. Choose to be curious about how you’re acting in ways that might be compensating or covering the places you need healing. We’re invited into this story of freedom; but we can’t rush it. The work of healing creates a resiliency in you, and it’s worth it!

You guys are constantly reminding me that what binds us together is not our age or stage or geographical location, but that you are all pursuing growth as a way of life. And you are brave for that! You are believing that what’s ahead of you can be richer and more fulfilling than what’s behind you, and that there is a deep and wonderful narrative in your life where God is doing a beautiful work and inviting you to be a part of it.


Nicole Unice is a popular author and communicator who is passionate about facilitating environments of safety and vulnerability so that individuals and communities can courageously identify the obstacles keeping them from maximum potential.

Nicole lives in Richmond, VA with her husband, three children, and two dogs!

In her books, Nicole is passionate about making transformation attainable and accessible to people in all stages of life. As a coach, she brings clarity and courage for individuals and teams as they pursue a preferred future.  As a speaker, Nicole brings both wit and wisdom to the platform, with an honest and vulnerable approach that appeals to both faith and leadership environments alike.

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