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The truth is, we’re all pretty terrible listeners. Acknowledging why is a good first step, and in today’s episode, I share my own failings and a few practical tools I’ve learned along the way.

So why is it so difficult to have meaningful and connected conversations?  The Big Three:

  1.       You’re already having a very involved conversation with yourself
  2.       You’ve got the wrong expectations about why the other person is engaging with you
  3.       You’re distracted

At the center of all of these issues – is you. Only I am keeping me from engaging with pure, real listening. True listening is an inherently selfless exercise.  When someone is trying to connect with you, good listening means that as that person is sharing, it cannot be about you. This is the great obstacle for our connection and our love and our flourishing.

But there is hope here! It starts with this awareness, but growth in life takes consistent commitment to the vision of who you want to become.  I share some specific tools for each of the “Big Three” and I’m hopeful that if you’re ready to grow, they’ll be helpful on your way!

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Nicole Unice is a popular author and communicator who is passionate about facilitating environments of safety and vulnerability so that individuals and communities can courageously identify the obstacles keeping them from maximum potential.

Nicole lives in Richmond, VA with her husband, three children, and two dogs!

In her books, Nicole is passionate about making transformation attainable and accessible to people in all stages of life. As a coach, she brings clarity and courage for individuals and teams as they pursue a preferred future.  As a speaker, Nicole brings both wit and wisdom to the platform, with an honest and vulnerable approach that appeals to both faith and leadership environments alike.

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