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Have you ever sensed God calling you to something more…but then self-doubt and resistance kick in? If so, you’ll love learning from speaker, author, business coach and podcaster Alli Worthington, as we talk about hearing the voice of God–and what it takes to step into “more than enough” in your life.

On today’s episode, we get real about Alli’s move from entrepreneur to COO of an international ministry, as well as how she confronted her fear when God said “leave.”

Together, we cover:

  • why Alli is angry about “the false gospel of hustle”
  • how do we know we are hearing from God?
  • what to do when we doubt our calling
  • why Alli loves business coaching (and how you know if you need a business coach!)

Alli’s most recent book is Standing Strong: A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Adversity and Living with Confidence. She’s a business coach and co-founder of Called Creatives, as well as the host of the weekly podcast, the Alli Worthington show.

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