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If 2020 makes you want to cry, take a break from the chaos and despair and tune in today for a lot of laughter and wisdom from my friend and author Teresa Swanstrom Anderson. ❤️😂

Teresa brings us an extra shake of joy on the show today, sharing with us real talk about her marriage, raising six kids, how her middle school years in Guatemala shaped her passion for real community, and why she loves the Bible so dang much.

In addition to all of that, of course I ask her about her pink hair (which I’m obsessed with).

One thing I’m particularly happy about on this show is how Teresa dives into her own story in a way that helped me connect more deeply with my own. You’re going to love her!

Teresa Swanstrom Anderson is a blogger, author, speaker, and Bible study teacher from Denver, CO. Teresa grew up in Seattle, but spent her middle school years in Guatemala and has a deep love for people in third-world countries. Now living in Denver with her husband and six children, she spends her days wiping off sticky counters, Instagramming, and blogging at She is the author of Beautifully Interrupted and has published several Bible studies on her blog. The Get Wisdom Bible Studies are her first traditionally published studies, taking her passion for studying the Bible and helping women to a broader audience.

Learn more about Teresa on her website or Instagram page!

Get Wisdom Bible Studies

Leading Wherever You Are: 7 Weeks in the Book of Joshua

Saying Yes in the Darkness: 7 Weeks in the Book of Psalms   

Living for What Really Matters: 7 Weeks in the Book of Philippians    

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