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This episode is for all the over scheduled and under capacity, those who feel their energy drain away because they have to many life-sucking things to do and not enough soul-energizing time in their schedule.
It’s for everyone who has this longing to be more present, more connected, more in tune with their relationships and creativity and down time but feel like a slave to deadlines and to-do lists.
Today on the show I’m going to get real with you about my own tendencies to overwork, and how dealing with both my inside world (self-awareness) and outside world (productivity tools) has been key to getting me closer to a life/work balance that is actually liberating and enjoyable.
We’ll cover these three questions:
  • Why am I so busy (no, really, really)?
    • Am I losing myself in people pleasing?
    • Am I running from something, and if so, what am I going to do about it?


  • What am I missing?
    • Self: Body: health, food, exercise, sleep mind: hobbies, depth soul: quiet time
    • Others: relationships, friendships, family
    • Business: the work inside the business and the work to grow the business


  • How do I use one hour of planning to change my entire week?
    •  Don’t get distracted and start doing when you should be planning!
    •  Use your brain dump system and think in categories.
    •  Productivity tools that can help.

Here’s the tools I reference on the show for my brain dump and planning:




Getting Things Done by David Allen (or you can read a summary here.)

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