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On today’s episode of Let’s Be Real I want to introduce you to Steve Perkins, one of my coaches who has completely changed the way I view work and productivity.

Steve is a business and leadership coach and founder of Greenhouse. Greenhouse is the go-to place for helping people and organizations clarify their purpose and live into their potential. Steve has been my productivity guru and shares some of his methods for getting people like me to get focused and clear on their purpose, and then take action on a daily and weekly basis to accomplish their goals.

“You see, many people feel stuck in their life and career, not sure what’s next. They know there’s more they’re capable of, and a greater contribution to make. But it’s unclear what they’re good at, what they enjoy, or what they should do. And they don’t know where to turn or what they might need to ultimately draw it out of them and find their way forward.”

‍You don’t want to miss the opportunity to go behind the scenes of Steve’s coaching, courses and community with an inside scoop on his 5 keys to productivity–and how to get your life in order so you can accomplish what you’ve dreamed possible. Oh–and I love why Steve shares that he’s not upset that he checks his phone first thing every morning. Enjoy!

A few resources I share on the show:

Deep Work by Cal Newport

How Will You Measure Your Life by Clayton Christensen

Greenhouse Membership

The Greenhouse Podcast

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