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We are starting a new series on WORK because no matter if you are working at a corporate office, for a nonprofit, at a church, in the home or for yourself, we ALL have hard things that we dream of doing.

And one of the things I get asked about often is HOW TO WRITE A BOOK. So on today’s episode, I share with you a framework for beginning to follow your dream of book writing, and a few tips I’ve learned along the way.

“The reason people read nonfiction books is because they have a question or they need to solve a problem.”

In order to know the path, you need to know the problem that you are wired to solve. (Hint: you are already passionate about it, it’s just a matter of making space to fully explore where it’s taking you)

Some of the links from today:

*I made mention of a recent podcast where I was a guest, talking about women in ministry–if you want to listen to that one, you can find it here: Stay Curious Podcast.

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