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You know about them, you’ve heard about them–and chances are there’s some people in your life (or all the people in your life) that you just can’t seem to stay healthy with.

It’s your demanding boss that you can’t seem to make happy.

It’s your ongoing issues with your in-laws–where you just can’t seem to have a peaceful visit.

It’s that friend who always seems to need more from you–and you are exhausted by it.

Boundaries are simple to talk about but difficult to enforce–and can be tricky.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be talking ALL about boundaries and how to be a peaceful, joyful person with your YES and your NO.

To help you along the way, I’ve created a FREE boundaries assessment for you that you can take as you listen to the series. So download it now and then jump in to the conversation. Just go to and grab it now–and then come back and listen in to the series.

On today’s show, I’ll be talking about:

What are boundaries anyway?

Why do we need to understand and enforce them?

What might be causing you to struggle with them?

We’ll be talking about the “nice disorder” as well–so jump in!

For more on Boundaries, check out the book and workbook, written by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.

Dr. Cloud also offers a course in Boundaries with a free 14-day trial to the community–cost effective and helpful! Check it out here:

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