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I cannot wait for you to come into this conversation on insecurity with some very special leaders–Elisa Morgan and Eryn Eddy, co-hosts of the God Hears Her podcast.

These women are POWERHOUSES and you’re going to love getting to know them. Elisa is the President Emeritus of MOPS International, a prolific speaker and author and one of my personal mentors. Eryn is the visionary behind So Worth Loving, a spitfire of sparkle, and a new friend that I loved spending time with on the podcast. Together, Elisa and Eryn have started a new podcast tackling the tough conversations of life in this world and also sharing their multi-generational wisdom for all of us!

On today’s show, we talk about insecurity–what it means, how we get that way, and what we can do about it. Make sure you listen to the wisdom and encouragement that Elisa and Eryn bring about the very personal and specific ways they untangle their insecurity each day. I was so inspired and I know you will be too!

Links from the Podcast today:

God Hears Her Podcast

Eryn Eddy-So Worth Loving

Elisa Morgan

Our Daily Bread

Elisa’s book: Beauty in the Broken: super cheap on Amazon right now–when I checked it was $4.50 for paperback and a GREAT book!

Listen to last week’s episode: The Comparison Trap


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