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Today my new friend Jean Paul Samputu joins me on Let’s Be Real for a powerful conversation around forgiveness and reconciliation.

I first discovered Jean Paul Samputu through The Forgiveness Project, an international collective seeking to highlight stories of forgiveness from around the world. Jean Paul Samputu was born in Rwanda whose family became victims of the Rwandan genocide, when nearly one million Rwandan Tutsis were killed by their own countrymen, the Hutus. Jean Paul was a well-known rising star in the music scene in East Africa, and when the situation became increasingly tense, his family urged him to escape. He left his village but returned as soon as the killing stopped. When he came back to his village, he discovered that his mother, father and three brothers and a sister had all been murdered—and that his parents’ killer was Jean Paul’s childhood best friend, Vincent, a fellow villager and Hutu.

On the show, Jean Paul tells us his story, his road to healing and EVEN shares a very special treat at the end of the show–you won’t want to miss it!


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