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As human beings, we possess a unique gift: the ability to reimagine our life. Made in the image of God, we’ve been given the skill to imagine a different reality and the capacity to create our preferred future. We’ve also been given the gift of one another, the unique ability to enter into another’s viewpoint and bring clarity and perspective to places that feel confused and stuck.


Enter Coaching.

Coaching is a solution-focused, future-oriented orientation that involves entering into the life of an individual, group, or organization to provide a high-level perspective and practical steps into your new season.

New seasons might look like:

*leveling up in leadership, individually or with a team

*an intuitive sense that an outside perspective is needed

*entering a new life stage with purpose, such as marriage, parenting or retirement

*transitioning careers

*finding your purpose and unique calling

*navigating an unexpected challenge

*discerning what’s next

*solving one sticky problem

Whereas counseling is problem-centered, coaching is goal-centered. Coaching involves an intense, actionable period of time to move your life, team or organization into your preferred vision. Coaching tends to be:



*experiential, involving “in-vivo” experiences of real-time transformation

Coaching is a high engagement, high investment experience that yields transformational results As such, coaching is a significant investment of emotional and financial resources. Nicole’s coaching packages start at $395 for ad-hoc meetings and are priced per engagement. To find out more, inquire here.