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Most of us want to hear from God, but when we actually go to the Bible, it feels irrelevant, archaic or just plain confusing.

Part of what I want to do is demystify the confusion around reading and understanding and LOVING God through the Bible. I’ve recorded a podcast mini-series on this topic, based on my latest book, and I’m so glad to share it with you!

In episode #1, I address three of our common obstacles we face in spending time in the Bible and how to get past those into a vibrant relationship with God through His Word.

Here’s some notes on what you can expect out of this 16 minute conversation!

On a relationship with God through the Bible:

“If we don’t know how to do that, or haven’t had a good experience in the past, we can feel like we must be missing something.”

On life mission:

“Do you really believe that God is calling you, as his servant, and has a purpose for your life?”

On transformation:

“God’s Word can go deep into the essence of who we are, into foundational matters, which actually determine how you live your life and how you spend your days.”

I’m curious: what keeps you from spending time with God through His Word? DM me on Instagram @nicoleunice and let me know!

Listen to the Podcast: itunes or Listen Notes
The Book: Help! My Bible Is Alive: 30 Days of Learning to Love and Understand God’s Word –