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Join popular author and communicator, Nicole Unice, as she brings her twenty years of experience as a counselor, pastor, and coach to a real conversation about the tricky questions and tough decisions in life—and how to find clarity and action no matter what obstacle you may face.

The Power in a Pivot…A Conversation with Jo Saxton (Let’s Be Real, Ep. 7)

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Today I get to welcome to the show Jo Saxton! Jo Saxton is a Londoner born to Nigerian immigrants (to which she credits her tenacious spirit), an author, speaker, podcast…

Combating the Villain Narrative (Let’s Be Real, Ep. 6)

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Today on the show, I share with you the problem with the villain narrative and an "against" energy, and how to combat it with compassion and boundaries. On this episode,…

A Conversation about Race in America (Let’s Be Real, Ep. 5)

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In light of the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, we interrupt our normal schedule for a very special conversation with a good friend of mine, David Bailey. David is the founder…

Unraveling the Victim Narrative: (Let’s Be Real Podcast, Ep. 4)

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It's a universal experience: the moment when we feel trapped and helpless because "he/she/they made me do it." It's the moment we throw up our hands and decide to accept…

Discovering Your Window Of Tolerance: Let’s Be Real Podcast, Ep. 3

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Today we welcome to the show Aundi Kolber, licensed professional counselor and author of Try Softer: A Fresh Approach to Move Us out of Anxiety, Stress and Survival Mode--and into…

We Are All Followers (Let’s Be Real Podcast, Ep. 2)

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Is it possible that even the greatest leaders are actually followers? From following people we want to emulate, celebrities we want to dress like, or ideologies we want to embrace--our…