A completely honest, entirely practical conversation about how to live our lives with freedom, purpose and abundance.

Join popular author and communicator, Nicole Unice, as she brings her twenty years of experience as a counselor, pastor, and coach to a real conversation about the tricky questions and tough decisions in life—and how to find clarity and action no matter what obstacle you may face.

A Crash Course on Homeschooling (Let’s Be Real, Ep. 17)

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I mean, 2020. Let's just get real for a minute about the fact that the world has turned upside down and you might be considering homeschooling your children. Can you…

The Rage Machine (dealing with your anger) (Let’s Be Real, Ep. 16)

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Woo, wee we've got a LOT to cover in this episode. You might want to prepare yourself as we are going to be talking about YOUR ANGER. But nice girls…

Dancing with Anxiety…Let’s Be Real Podcast, Ep. 15

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Oh friends, I cannot believe that we launched a podcast in a pandemic--and fifteen episodes later, the world is in an even messier place then when we began. But in…

Tackling Insecurity with Guests Eryn Eddy and Elisa Morgan (Let’s Be Real, Ep. 14)

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I cannot wait for you to come into this conversation on insecurity with some very special leaders--Elisa Morgan and Eryn Eddy, co-hosts of the God Hears Her podcast. These women…

The Comparison Trap (Let’s Be Real, Ep. 13)

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Hey friends, we are continuing our podcast series on tackling those pesky issues that keep you from experiencing fullness and freedom in your everyday life. Today we are talking about…

The Illusion of Control (Let’s Be Real, Ep. 12)

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Today we begin a new series on issues that are easy to ignore in our souls, but hinder us from experiencing the most freedom and most health possible. We are…