A completely honest, entirely practical conversation about how to live our lives with freedom, purpose and abundance.

Join popular author and communicator, Nicole Unice, as she brings her twenty years of experience as a counselor, pastor, and coach to a real conversation about the tricky questions and tough decisions in life—and how to find clarity and action no matter what obstacle you may face.

The Illusion of Control (Let’s Be Real, Ep. 12)

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Today we begin a new series on issues that are easy to ignore in our souls, but hinder us from experiencing the most freedom and most health possible. We are…

How to Forgive When You Think You Can’t…guest Jean Paul Samputu (Let’s Be Real, Ep. 11)

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Today my new friend Jean Paul Samputu joins me on Let's Be Real for a powerful conversation around forgiveness and reconciliation. I first discovered Jean Paul Samputu through The Forgiveness…

Let’s Talk Weddings! (Let’s Be Real, Ep. 10)

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On today's episode, we are talking all things weddings! Whether you are single or married, let's have a conversation about the purpose and intent of marriage as God intended it--and…

Find Your No… (Let’s Be Real, Ep. 9)

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So, how's your no working? I am so excited to bring you this conversation today because this is something I talk about in coaching virtually non-stop. It seems like all…

How to be Civil and Disobedient (Let’s Be Real, Ep.8)

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Today we took Let's Be Real LIVE to our platforms for a conversation on how to be civil and disobedient. Of course, everyone is welcome to join our conversation, but…

The Power in a Pivot…A Conversation with Jo Saxton (Let’s Be Real, Ep. 7)

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Today I get to welcome to the show Jo Saxton! Jo Saxton is a Londoner born to Nigerian immigrants (to which she credits her tenacious spirit), an author, speaker, podcast…