When risky is good


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Dreaming is risky.

Perhaps you have a wisp of an idea, just a whisper. You turn it over and around in your mind for a few days, letting it take shape. Then maybe you take a risk, and you share it with one other friend, and it becomes more real.

There’s a dream out there that I’ve shared with a few friends, and those few friends have breathed some life into it, and now it’s here.

It’s called un/defined and it’s coming on February 21-22. 

What would it be like to gather women together and keep it real? What would it be like to laugh and talk and ponder the things that matter to us together, letting the truth lead the way?

What if we could come together in that spirit of truth, and bring our friends, and what if we could even encounter God in a way that we hadn’t before?

Wouldn’t that be worth taking some risks for?

Over the past few weeks a team of women from all stages of life have joined together to create something–a little risky, yes–but with the hopes that we can change the story for women in Richmond–that the mere act of gathering together to laugh, worship and hear God’s truth would change our story.

Find out all about un/defined here. And you can find the Facebook info here.

And would you consider spreading the word? You can sign up beginning Friday at midnight. You can invite some friends and make a weekend of it. Or you can share the story via email, social media, the grocery store line, or wherever you find yourself thinking about a new definition for your own story.

Feel free to grab these images and spread some love!

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