Sometimes it’s best to be quiet…


Sometimes it’s best to be quiet, to listen to what’s stirring inside, especially when I got these two blog posts right next to each other in my email.

I didn’t have anything to add to these, except for my own musings about why these posts resonate–together–for me. The first excerpt is from Lindsey Nobles, the second from Nicole Wick. The first is about the cause of the young. The second, the care of the oppressed.

What do you think about the cause of the young, the innocent, the unprotected? Do you feel stirred to action by a story from Compassion International or a story about sex trafficking in your own backyard? And then… How do we respond?

Someone to Love

Posted: 08 Sep 2010 09:01 PM PDT

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I’m a little ashamed to admit that there are lonely Sunday afternoons when I want, crave, pray for, someone to love.

Lonely Sunday afternoons when I grapple with God.

Why haven’t You granted me a husband or kids to pour into?

Why haven’t You provided an outlet for my overflowing heart?

When will I finally have someone to love?

The devil must snicker to himself as I covet what I don’t have, as I question God’s plans, and as I neglect to see the obvious. The obvious that hit me today like a ton of bricks.

There are no lack of someones to love in my life.

They might not come in the package I expected. But they are here. They are there. They are everywhere.

If I would just open my eyes…keep reading

In My BackyardFrom Nicole Wick:

Posted: 08 Sep 2010 05:55 PM PDT

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post anything for the Idea Camp//Sex blog series on Sex Trafficking. Then I Googled “Sex trafficking” and “Detroit” just to see what came up. I was horrified. Keep reading…


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  1. Judy D

    September 9th, 2010 at 4:13 PM

    Oh Nicole. Both of these touch so deeply. I know that Jesus cares about these children and women–and He wants to do it through us. It takes time to move us from ignorance to awareness to openness to action. Thanks for keeping us moving.