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The Praxis program, the ministry residency program I direct for leaders interested in vocational ministry, is now accepting applications. If you or someone you know is interested in coming to work for a dynamic church with a creative, entrepreneurial staff that works hard to find creative and relational ways to introduce people to Christ, then please apply! All the details you need are on the website, and find out more about Hope here.

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On Valentine’s Day, I tackled the somewhat thorny topic, “How Should Christians Date?” for the Moody radio show, Up for Debate. You can find the podcast of it here!

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I just began re-reading a book that’s been instructing my heart for years, by author Alicia Britt Chole. Anonymous: Jesus Hidden Seasons…and Yours will help you embrace seasons of “hiddenness” and live into the gap between what feels like God-sized dreams and your actual reality. If you are a young leader, a young mom, or anyone who feels like they are living in the “not yet” of their life–get this book. You will thank me later.
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Tuesday, I fly away to Cape Town with this year’s Praxis class, to immerse ourselves in a different culture and discover ways ministry is at work in South Africa, through the leadership development organization, East Mountain. It’s an incredible time of discovery and learning, as well as time together–it’s a trip of a lifetime and I’m thrilled to be able to lead this year’s amazing residents on the trip. Pray for us, and particularly Drew, Tyler and Lizzie, as they minister in another culture, learn from the leaders they meet, and explore their own sense of call in this perspective-shaping experience.

Finally, I’ve been reading in 1 Corinthians for my devotion time. As I often say when I teach, always be somewhere in the Word. No matter where you are in your understanding of Jesus, start with the Bible, be in the Bible, and read it for yourself. Right now I’m thinking deeply about the promise that we have been invited into “fellowship” and “wonderful friendship” with Jesus. (1 Corinthians 1:9). I’m asking myself every day, “am I acting like a person who’s in complete fellowship/partnership and friendship with Jesus? Do I access that relationship as my guide and lead in my life?” You don’t have to read quickly through the Bible. You can read deeply. Put yourself in the story. Think about the people, the setting, the environment. Buy a study bible–I like NLT Life Application or NIV Study Bible–and read the notes under the verses so you can understand the context a bit more. Make 5, 10, 15 minutes a day for Bible reading, and stick with it. John 16:13 promises that the Spirit of God will “guide you into all truth.” I’m too old, tired and easily distracted to receive anything BUT the truth. I need straight truth to guide my days, and I’m pretty sure you do too.

Get somewhere in the Word!

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