Running in the Dark


This morning I dragged myself out of bed to run. And by run, I mean stagger through the dark and call it exercise. It was soupy-fog-dark, a dark that made even my feet feel far away, swallowing the dim beam of my flashlight before it ever had a chance to shine.

Faith is running in the dark. It’s putting one foot in front of the other even when you can scarcely tell the difference between your own toes and the path. Faith is feeling your way forward even when it’s scary.

I ran past a set of columns flanking a driveway. In the fog, they looked like silent sentinels. They looked ghostly and it scared me. But I kept running.

Faith is running right by the scary ghosts–the voices of our past, the gut-level fears of being hurt, of rejection, of failing. Faith is jumping in your skin from fear–but running anyway.

Jesus said, “let your light shine before men, so they might see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Sometimes the light shines brightly. Sometimes it seems¬†dim, swallowed by the fear-fog around you. But whether shining brightly or dimly, it still shines.

Friends, shine on. You make sure the light is on–God will make sure it lights up exactly the amount it needs to today. We are working out our salvation–working out our faith every single day. And when we do, we are purified. We are refined. And we shine light stars. (Phil. 2:15-18). Stars don’t worry about where their light shines, how brightly it lands or who notices the light. They just shine because it’s what they were made to do.

Love you friends. Enjoy the wonder of the season–even in the dark.


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