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Ok, so y’all LOVE free stuff. I mean, love it. My friend/assistant was loving your enthusiasm as you guys reacted so EXCITEDLY to the idea that you were getting a free T-shirt. The love spiral was just as exciting over here, as we LOVE giving stuff away. I can almost imagine all of us issue-owners wearing our shirts all together and taking one of those jumping pictures on a beach somewhere….

so at this point, this means if you didn’t get an email, you didn’t win the shirt. SORRY…

But you can just order one if you want here! Or get one for a friend or family member. BETTER YET-combine it with She’s Got Issues and put it under the tree for Christmas! Can you just imagine how funny and awkward that would be? I can just see it now, your mom or younger sister or sister-in-law opening her present and being like, “oh, what a funny joke, own your issues.” …awkward pause….”um, is this not a joke?”

No, sister. Our issues are very, very serious.

So we’ve decided to bundle the shirt and book together for $20 and free shipping. All you have to do is this:

1. grab the book and shirt in your cart.

2. use coupon code ISSUES

3. click FREE SHIPPING and bam. Christmas shopping done for twenty bucks.

If you are so over issues, and just can’t bear to think about Christmas yet, i understand. So here’s some free stuff I’ve enjoyed around the web this week:

Quick laugh: Huff Post’s Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week

Most insightful: Why an NYU Professor of Media Banned Technology From Class.

Can’t Stop Listening: Ricky Manning’s Rendition of “Wrecking Ball” on the Voice.

The over-identity of “mom”: New York Times article on the challenge and contradiction of motherhood: check out this quote:

“On TV and in movies and in modern fiction, mothers are frequently portrayed as protective yet focused on the trivial, wise yet neurotic, sexy yet sexless, monumentally important but deeply silly…”

PS Welcome to my normal inner life.  Sorry it’s so crazy.



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