Living Big When Life Feels Small

Determine your life vision     Discover your strengths     Detail a plan to get there

Get Clear on
Your Strengths 

You’ll be guided through self discovery with a pre-assessment along with weekly, small-group coaching and follow-up activities that help you find clarity on your passions and strengths. The goal is to get you to lean into doing more of what you are uniquely wired to do.  

Unlock What’s
Holding You Back

We all have roadblocks, limiting beliefs and mindsets that slow us down from reaching our greatness. We’ll help you detect what’s really holding you back and break free from feeling stuck.  

Find The Confidence
to Move Forward

Don’t spin your wheels with one more self help program. With the combination of goal setting, group coaching, guided exercises, and an action plan you find the confidence you need to make lasting progress. 

“Change is inevitable. Growth is Optional.”

– J O H N   M A X W E L L –

This coaching group is for you if:

✔️ You are a leader of an organization or run a business
✔️ You have settled for mediocre but desire more
✔️ You used to believe in big dreams, but consistently aren’t hitting that in your everyday life
✔️ You feel uninspired or stuck in this stay-at-home season
✔️ You have a list of goals that continue to go unreached

Join The Group

Coaching is designed for focused growth in a short time. Availability is very limited as each group is limited to ten participants. Group calls will meet at various times during the week (both day and evening) and are recorded for later use as well.

Receive 30 Days of Coaching/Activities/Support

I’ll walk you through a step by step program including a preassessment, weekly group coaching calls, homework and activities, along with creating a success plan.

Celebrate Your Success

At the end of 30 days you’ll be surprised at how far you’ve come. We will celebrate your progress and stay in touch afterwards for additional support.
»  Know your Life Vision
»  Know your Strengths
»  Know How to Get There
Next Group: October 2020
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Join The Group

Next Group: October 2020


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