I Declare About Women.


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I hate stereotypes. I mean, hate them. I hate every stereotype about women. I hate that men categorize women and I hate that women categorize one another…as girly or not, as crafty or not, as homeschool-y, as Christian-y. Domineering. Crunchy. Soccer Mom. Liberal. Needy. Emotional. High-Maintenance. Control Freak.

All of it. I hate it all. You are not your role or your circumstance or even your emotional highs and lows. You are you, beautiful, unique, undefined.

But can I be honest with you? I hate stereotypes so much that I forget that stereotypes can have truth in them….meaning, sometimes, the idea of “typing” one another into one category or another isn’t always bad. Stereotype is a negative word because it oversimplifies a complicated situation and an individual person.

But I want to tell you something true. Some things I think might be true of women right now:

We find life complicated.

We don’t know how to balance it all.

We often feel misunderstood.

We long for more.

We want to be known…

but sometimes have a hard time even knowing ourselves.

We want to know that our right-now life has purpose….

and we are scared to death that we might be missing out on that purpose.

Choices are overwhelming…

and we are worried we may have missed a turn in the road somewhere, and that the promised land isn’t where we thought it would be.

We want to be defined by something….

but we often don’t know what that something should be.

If that sounds like you, whether you are 13 or 43 or 83, I say, welcome to womanhood. Welcome to the reality of a life that is sometimes wonderful and often confusing. Welcome to a world that is full of possiblities and pitfalls. You are not alone.

Today registration begins for un/defined, a weekend gathering of women on Feb. 21-22. (Visit undefinedgathering.com or check it out on Facebook)

If you resonate with the words here, I’m hopeful that you’ll find the weekend honest, refreshing and uplifting. I’m praying that our time together will be full of truth and that you’ll encounter God, the One who knows all about it all, and that you’ll be changed.

Join us. (The first 100 women to register receive a special gift. Perhaps this is the present you’d love to give a friend for Christmas?)


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