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Nicole Unice

Help! My Bible Is Alive

We want to experience God through the Bible. . . . We really do! But our good intentions fall flat when reading the Bible just doesn’t seem to make that happen. What should feel dynamic and important and alive often feels confusing and boring and irrelevant. But it doesn’t have to.


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Join Nicole Unice on a 30 day challenge designed to help you experience God for yourself in His Word.

The Bible is not alive if it’s not alive for you! This book is a tool that will lead you to a life-transforming relationship with the Bible and its Author. Go for it!

ROY L. PETERSONPresident and CEO of American Bible Societyof Fuller Theological Seminary

Nicole brings to bear her remarkable skills as a communicator to address the most fundamental question of Christian living: How can I hear, experience, and understand God through reading the Bible? As you read Help! My Bible Is Alive!, you will think to yourself, Surely some accomplished Bible teacher has already undertaken this crucial project—and you will be wrong, because no one has. It’s odd, but no one thought to tell us, in practical detail, how to meet with God through the Scriptures and how to approach the Bible with a posture of “faith seeking understanding.

RICK JAMES, PHDDirector of Cru publishing, author of Watch and A Million Ways to Die