Full Life.



She hurries along the well-beaten path, shielding her face from the sharp rays of the sun. Many have walked these steps—earlier this morning and for generations before, seeking the water so necessary for every part of life. The family tree has splintered, but the roots stay connected here at Jacob’s well. In the stories she knows, wells always hold promise—where Isaac and Rebekah’s love story began, where Jacob first loved Rachel. Places of new life—not just survival, but life the women who frequent this well dream of…


She shakes her head to clear the thoughts. Those are stories for an earlier time, nothing like the reality now, living in this place called Samaria, a place that’s God-forsaken, at least according to the Jews. This well might have meant something before, but not now. Not for her.


She shrugs her shoulder to lower her bucket, letting it land heavily in the dirt. The light is so blinding in the noonday sun, so she’s startled when her eyes rest on a dusty foot in a worn sandal, so close to her bucket that she almost smashed it. Despite the heat, a cool prickle shivers up her spine. She was totally alone just a moment ago—she had taken the longer journey to Jacob’s well this day, feeling inexplicably compelled–perhaps needing some moments away from the eyes and ears of her village, needing a chance to feel free of the words and the truth that has defined all that she knows and all that she is.


And now—this foot. She breathes in and looks up, into a tired face and smiling eyes. He’s a man—Jewish, too, she can tell. He looks for a moment at her. Really looks. And then asks a simple question.


Something drew her to this well, on this day, at this moment. Later she’ll look back on this day and call it the day that changed everything.


Friends, when we come together, when we come seeking life—fullness of real life, forgiveness and freedom in real life—we should expect the unexpected.


When we gather together in just a few days, we come to be undefined—set free from the burdens and the chains that so easily bind us—set free to the One who has invited us to His presence. We come together to place our lives into the stories in the gospel of John that tell the Big Story. I am praying that you will find yourself in the story—the story of burden, the story of cleansing, the story of sight. Together, we will discover the promises of life anew—ready to step into the new year not as we were, but as God sees us—full of life, truth, freedom, purpose.


Come expectant.



“We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only,

full of grace and truth.” John 1:14


We have just a few seats left—please pass along to anyone you feel led to invite. We don’t want one woman to miss the opportunity to be set free to Fullness in 2016! Register here.



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