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Hello friends!

I’m interrupting this long blog silence for a quick hi. I’m so deep into book #3 which is due over to the publisher this week. It’s been such an incredible journey into the depths of God’s grace for us in our everyday lives. I really cannot wait to polish it up and share it with all of you, and tell you more about it. I can’t say too much but I do want you to know it’s a bit of a follow-up title to She’s Got Issues and we will be creating another DVD to go along with it! Yay!

So my head’s been so deep into that and the book is getting all my best words, but I had to let you know that Start Here is on a crazy free deal TODAY only. I’m so excited that it’s a free Kindle book today because the heart behind Start Here was to get it in as many hands as possible. Doesn’t matter if you are boy or girl, a devout Catholic or a firm agnostic, a never-been-to-church or a VBS Veteran–Start Here is for you.

Our heart behind writing the book was to give a brand-new or almost-believer a tool to help them know the foundational basics for a relationship with Jesus. But we’ve also discovered that many people who’ve been Christians for a while find Start Here helpful to give them clear words to describe their faith. So that’s why it’s for everyone, and that’s why it’s AWESOME that it’s free right now. So if you can hop over to Amazon and grab it, do it today while it’s free!

And if you like it, you can share it with your pastor or small group. We created a free discussion guide you can download here. As I’m writing this, it’s the #1 Spiritual Growth book on Amazon–woo hoo! Go get ya one!

I can’t wait to be back here checking in with y’all regularly. But back to my writing cave I go! Much love….


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