Confessions of the Confession Month


Whew, I have to say, it is not my first reaction (or second, or third) to post my personal confessions on my own blog. I mean, obviously I’m somewhat of an open book, or I wouldn’t write at all, but it’s a whole ‘nother level to be confessing sins on the internet.

However, others feel different. There are several websites that have popped up, encouraging you to “tell your secret”. Supposedly, this anonymous commenting should relieve your soul of the dark secrets that plague you in your sleep.

This is unappealing to me.

I get it, kind of. It is so helpful to speak out the truth of your life, your heart, the good, bad and ugly. And maybe my past years of counseling have made it unpalatable to imagine reading about other’s secrets, as I’ve heard so many already. And without the cross, it’s utterly depressing.

Our own sin, and the sin afflicted upon us, just represents the stark reality of our broken, sinful, fallen, evil world. Isaiah 60 says that darkness is like a cloud hovering over the earth. And there is no darkness like knowing sin’s havoc. It’s sobering to know what sin can do to our lives, and to others.

But the cross! The cross is everything. When Jesus, who knew no sin, willingly went to the cross, he went to take our sin with him. And confession is that process of nailing that sin to the cross with him. When we confess our sins—our envy, our pride, our fear, our worries, our bad behavior–we nail those sins to that cross. Jesus does for us what we cannot do for ourselves. He conquered death, the death that we deserve for our repeated failures to keep God as our Lord. So everytime we confess with our mouths, what we’ve done, what he’s done, there is really only one response to him:

Thank You, Lord, for doing what I didn’t deserve, what I couldn’t do for myself. By your great love for me, and for all of us, you became flesh, came and lived this life with us, and willingly chose to sacrifice yourself and restore life to our hearts. Thank you.

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