Because You’ll Be Changed


It’s been a hectic season, my friends. I’ve shared some bits with you and your response has been overwhelming, just dripping with so much love and grace that I haven’t been able to respond back to all of it. The sweet notes, emails, texts, gifts, cards in my office. (who knew Hallmark made a card for ordination? I got at least six of them…). I am just overcome with it all and it’s brought me to a surprising amount of silence. Mother Theresa once said we should practice “Silence of the mind, by opening it to the truth and knowledge of God in prayer and contemplation, like Mary who pondered the marvels of the Lord in her heart…”

I’ve been absolutely quieted by God’s love for me expressed through all of you and I’m so thankful. In that quiet I’ve been praying and listening and God has kindled such a bright flame in me for what’s coming next, and that’s where all of you come in.

Over the years, God has spoken to me in various ways and places. But one place where I’ve always been changed by him is in times of retreat. The physical act of stepping away from my life and the spiritual act of opening my heart to receive him ALWAYS results in change. I discover new places of faith; new places of growth; new opportunities for healing and new heights of worship. It’s like God is so darn delighted that we would step out of our lives and seek Him first that he just pours out so much love and power in those places.

That’s why I love Un/Defined and am so excited that we have so much more space this year. That’s why a whole team of women is volunteering their time and skill and hearts to make it happen. That’s why we are praying like crazy that we would fill every single one of the 1,000 seats we have available this year. We sold out last time and it killed us to turn women away. This year we want you to come and we want you to have a seat for your friend. We’ll be at the Short Pump Hilton on Jan 15-16, 2016. You can find out all the details on the website.

If you are tired and weary, if you are caught up in the everyday and missing the eternal, if your mind feels heavy and your heart feels bruised, you need this.

If you know someone in your life who’s spinning, who’s looking for life, who hasn’t yet been compelled toward the grace of God, she needs this too. It starts with an invitation from you. Do whatever you can to get her there. Pick her up in your car, pay for her ticket, get her a babysitter. Whatever it takes. If God puts a woman on your heart who should be at un/defined, be bold and brave enough to invite her. God will do the rest.

The seats are going fast and I don’t want you to miss it. (also, you know no one knows what to get you for Christmas, so tell them to gift you this!)

Love you friends–



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