A Morning Rescue Prayer


Father, be kind to me

for I am not good at being kind to myself 

Father, be near to me

I’ve wandered so far and cannot find my way home 

Father, be strong for me

for I’ve carried burdens too heavy for my heart 

Father, be real to me

I’ve fashioned a mirage of impressions and smoke 

Father, show love to me

for I need more than doctrine to know I’m alive 

Jesus, be close to me

Yes, I am a sinner; But you are a Savior. 


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  1. Linda

    January 26th, 2016 at 6:30 PM

    This prayer is absolutely awesome. Greetings! My name is Linda Jennings and I teach Anger Management and Parenting Skills classes at the Washington County Regional Correctional Facility. Here at our facility we have an awesome prison ministry where we house approximately 300 female inmates from all over. I would really appreciate speaking to someone who might have the authority to donate some of Nicole’s awesome books for our ladies. My number is (662) 537-2007 and my email address is ljennings@tecjxn. Your response will truly be appreciated. Thank You