A few ways to Start.


Yesterday Start Here released, and it’s always a fun day, a day when you get to show your new work and hope that it might help some people feel one step closer to Jesus.

A book might feel like the big thing, the most important thing. But Start Here wasn’t just about writing a book. It was one answer to the question, “how do we help people begin? How do we help them get their roots growing into the soil of God’s kingdom?”

So over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing resources and stories that we hope will help in that process. Most likely, you have a friend in your life that you want to introduce to Jesus but aren’t sure how. Or perhaps you are that friend, who, in the safety and anonymity of the Internet, is looking for answers to your questions and a place to begin.

We created a website called StartHereBook.com. There you’ll find stuff to help you….we just uploaded a free discussion guide that you can use for your own journaling or with a group, to spark conversation about what it means to follow Jesus. It’s free! Check it out. Share it. Think about it. And know that we are praying for you as you consider turning your life toward Christ.

Oh, and one more thing…you can hear David and I discuss the story behind Start Here on this week’s Becoming podcast!¬†Subscribe to Becoming on iTunes if you’d like.


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