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Hey Friends!

As you know, The Miracle Moment is releasing on May 18th… just over two weeks away! It’s the kind of book that really just begs for a workshop; You’ll want to take one of the ideas, apply it to your life, and then come back together to hear how it worked. Most of us haven’t had a lot of experience with how to do tough conversations, conflict and vulnerability well. And when you want to become healthy in your relationships, it can take some practice!   That’s why I’m so excited to announce this exclusive coaching experience, available to you as a pre-release bonus.  

Sometimes it just takes one moment.
One choice out of the thousands you make in a day.
One chance to take a relationship from what it is to what it could be.
Are you going to seize the moment?

    Our 30 Day Challenge will help you do just that. This 4 week, self-led workshop and coaching series will help you engage content from The Miracle Moment and contextualize it to not only take information in but to live it out daily. If you show up and do the work, the results are inevitable— more growth, healthier relationships. A win-win, as they say.   What you’ll get weekly:

  • A brief teaching on content from the book
  • A chance to watch an interview/coaching session with a guest
  • A personal challenge for the week
  • Worksheets provided to help you engage the content
  • A live Q&A at the end of the workshop

  The layout:

  • Week 1: The Five Laws of Miracles
  • Week 2: Grow in Self-Awareness
  • Week 3: Grow in Self-Expression
  • Week 4: Grow in Self Respect
  • Week 5: Wrap up and Live Q&A

  This coaching experience is available to you for FREE with the pre-order purchase of The Miracle Moment. Once you order the book, click here and follow the steps to “claim pre-order gifts”!

Can’t wait to experience some miracles together! -Nicole

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