She’s Got Issues (DVD)

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The everyday stuff that drives you crazy . . . is about to transform your life.
Counselor, ministry leader, and regular mom Nicole Unice shines on video in the She’s Got Issues DVD group experience. In this six-session teaching series based on her popular book, Nicole talks candidly about the everyday issues that can hold you back from living free and loving well:

1. Surrendering the Kung-Fu Control Grip
2. Insidious Insecurity
3. Quitting the Comparison Game
4. The Big Leap from Fear to Freedom
5. Breaking the Silence on Anger
6. Uprooting the Bitter Weed of Unforgiveness

And she reveals that even though we’ve all got issues, we don’t have to settle for letting them win!

Includes participant’s guide! **THE PARTICIPANT’S GUIDE IS AVAILABLE ON THE DVD OR BY DOWNLOADING HERE: Participants Guide

Perfect for churches and small groups, this group experience includes candid interviews, individual journaling prompts, insightful and biblical teaching from Nicole, and group discussion. Designed for an hour-long session for your Bible study or women’s group.

Total running time: Approx. 160 minutes

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