Divine Pursuit: Leaders’ Guide (Download)

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Pursue. Run. Resist. Rest.
What’s God after in your life?

Explore the ways God works in our lives by taking a journey through the book of Jonah. With short but insightful study, you’ll discover your own places of resistance and escape, and the relentless way God pursues each of us with his love and purpose.

  • Leader’s guide accompanies the Divine Pursuit (print edition). Participants and leaders will each need their own bible study.
  • Leader’s guide includes leadership development for small group facilitators, icebreakers, and discussion questions for each week.

“Nicole’s approach is real and honest. I’ve never experienced a bible study that helped me think about my life so differently.” –Carrie

“My bible study group felt like this was a totally different experience. We shared so much of our own lives as we learned about Jonah.” –Linda