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God’s Loving Care

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Yesterday my neighbor dropped some Friendship Bread and “starter” over at my house. The friendship bread is delicious. The “starter” is quite the opposite. It is a gallon-sized plastic bag of cream colored goo. My friend’s husband thought it was breast milk. Breast milk in a ziplock freezer bag? Not only gross but unsanitary. Just as breast milk’s actual makeup is a mystery, so too the goo. However, unlike breast…

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My first thoughts on relevant truth

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The title of this blog, a relevant truth, came to me last night somewhere between sleeping and awake, a place I spend a lot of time since usually a child is calling/crying/talking/needing something. You would think all truth is relevant. But when it comes to Jesus and his truth, sometimes its hard to see how it matters to my life. In the space between sleeping and awake, I need to…

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