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Nicole Unice

Living With Regrets

By | Jesus | 4 Comments

“Nope, I have no regrets” he remarked to me. “I see everything as a learning experience that gets me to where I am now.” I remember looking at my friend for a while. I remember thinking he comes from a completely different planetary system than me. I remember wondering if that could be really true. Because I have regrets. I have regrets about whole seasons of my life. There are…

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On facing stormy voices

By | Jesus | 3 Comments

Can I please confess something to you?   I’m not the best vacationer. ┬áIf vacation mean a cool drink and a beach chair and a book and no responsibilities, I am good at that. But by vacation I mean summer vacation–this time right now. My personality does best with some guard rails on it, some beginning and ending to the day and to work. I don’t even like to write…

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