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Nicole Unice

Because we can change things.

By | Leadership | 2 Comments

Very rarely do I wake up in the middle of the night–but tonight was one of those nights. I tried to go back to sleep and that didn’t work so I came downstairs to read my Bible. As I sit in the quiet of my comfortable home: warm and safe, with my children sleeping in their own beds, dreaming innocent dreams, with a bright hope for the future, I need to…

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Is Busyness the Problem?

By | Jesus, Leadership | No Comments

I love writing for Christianity Today’s publication, Today’s Christian Woman. So many great voices, including Jo Saxton, Bianca Juarez, Sherry Surratt, Joni Erikson Tada…I could go on and on. So check it out soon–here’s an excerpt from my recent article on busyness….   It’s said that “busy” is the new “fine.” It’s become a positive response to the casual question, “How are you?” We equate being busy with being fulfilled—having a…

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Everybody loves FREE…Grab Start Here today!

By | Jesus, Writing | No Comments

Hello friends! I’m interrupting this long blog silence for a quick hi. I’m so deep into book #3 which is due over to the publisher this week. It’s been such an incredible journey into the depths of God’s grace for us in our everyday lives. I really cannot wait to polish it up and share it with all of you, and tell you more about it. I can’t say too much…

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Things that are Tiring

By | Relationships | 6 Comments

  Expense Reports. Folding Socks. Remembering the right password. That moment when you discover your car inspection was due three months ago. Any birthday party when you realize you invited too many children. Outlet malls on holiday weekends. “Hey folks, we seem to be experiencing a (mechanical issue, air traffic issue, staffing issue, emotional issue) and we are going to need to hang tight at the gate for a little…

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Feeling the Change

By | Jesus | No Comments

All around the blog world and all around me people are feeling the change. The close of summer creeps up on us; for the free-spirited they dread the return of the alarm clock, for the more-structured they secretly crave sharpened pencils and clean lunch boxes and the comfort and security of routine. Perhaps for most of us we are somewhere in-between; part of our hearts drawn to freedom and part…

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The Thing About Boys

By | Relationships | No Comments

This summer I took my oldest boy on a trip. Just the two of us. And I learned a few things about boys.   Exhibit A: They don’t need their moms breathing down their neck. Notice I’m the only parent looking at my kid. Notice also that I’m the only mom on this camping trip. Or woman, for that matter. So there was that, but that’s not what this post…

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On what you are missing today

By | Jesus, Relationships | 4 Comments

So last week we filmed a video at Hope. And the crowd loved it. I mean, LOVED it. They loved it so much that it got me thinking about laughing, and joy, and Christians. Here’s the thing: a lot of Christians I know are missing out on the fun part of life. They are really serious about everything. I don’t know how that happens exactly. Maybe it’s because, like my friend…

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Living With Regrets

By | Jesus | 4 Comments

“Nope, I have no regrets” he remarked to me. “I see everything as a learning experience that gets me to where I am now.” I remember looking at my friend for a while. I remember thinking he comes from a completely different planetary system than me. I remember wondering if that could be really true. Because I have regrets. I have regrets about whole seasons of my life. There are…

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On facing stormy voices

By | Jesus | 3 Comments

Can I please confess something to you?   I’m not the best vacationer.  If vacation mean a cool drink and a beach chair and a book and no responsibilities, I am good at that. But by vacation I mean summer vacation–this time right now. My personality does best with some guard rails on it, some beginning and ending to the day and to work. I don’t even like to write…

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