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Nicole Unice

Rules v. Values

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Summer, I see you coming. And here’s what I know about summer: I want it to be awesome, I want my kids to be awesome, I want it ALL. I run out of ideas fast. (by day two) I live in “traumatic expectation disappointment” (by day 2.5). This year, I’m making my best effort to set our family up for success. What I’ve learned over the years is that rules don’t…

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The Art of Adjustment

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the view from here.   I was standing behind her at her dad’s funeral, a respectful distance from her–not in her personal space, but within earshot. This is what pastors call “the ministry of presence”–being quiet but visible, being close to the grief but not in it, except for the way we are all in it, on account of feeling the emotion and the hearts and the stories in the…

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The Evidence for the Resurrection

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to share in a portion of our Easter celebration at the Altria theater. Part Ted talk, part visual storytelling–we combined graphics, music and text to present evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. It was a labor of love and great teamwork–here’s a picture from rehearsal. I’ll post video from the service when it’s available. At the end–some of us come to faith by feeling–but for others, we need the…

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Why I Believe in Life Goals (and how you can set them for yourself)

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If you want to be serious about your life, you have to work on it. Really. Who among us doesn’t have a preferred future for our life? Things we want to experience? The person we want to be? The legacy we want to leave? Part of the joy of being created in the image of the Creator is we can dream and imagine.  In 2008, I sat down and created a “100 Things…

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Why Darkness Matters

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When it gets dark, light makes all the difference. Have you ever thought about your relationship with the dark? Darkness is interesting. On the one hand, the dark allows us to sleep, to quiet, to rest. On the other, the dark can be a lonely place. It can be a frightening place. Many things that might feel innocent in the light become ominous in the dark. Last week I was…

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5 Ways to Stay Sane Right Now

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My friend has a special noise she makes when she’s overwhelmed. It’s somewhere between a sigh and a groan and a moan, and it sounds like BLEHHHARRRRGGGG. I wish I could send you all this sound that you can press like a button every time you feel overworked, under appreciated, out of time/money/energy/joy—so all of us around the world overwhelmed in this season can collectively sigh-groan-moan together and take a…

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When anxiety strikes, try this–A, B, C.

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It can happen anytime your brain shifts gears, and it happens to me a lot. You are just living your busy life when BAM!, out of the blue, you are struck by a fear. A concern. A worry. An anxious thought, first one, then two, then twenty. What-Ifs begin to pile up and What-Would-I-Do and then the fear begins to seep in, slowly and then faster, soaking you in this terrible,…

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Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?

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As part of the Explore God series, this Sunday I preached on one of the hardest and oldest questions of life: Why could a good God allow pain and suffering in the world? Entering into this question was challenging. My years on this earth don’t feel sufficient to answer this from my own experience, but God’s Word provides us a way forward.  spoiler alert: this is a long post–audio above if…

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Principles of Leadership Success

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Hey friends! I don’t know about you, but the beginning of the school year is full of possibilities but always spins me upside down–and we are in the midst of that this week! These are the kind of weeks where I have to put all my emotions in timeout and just do life–it’s not the week to evaluate my purpose, figure out what’s wrong or make sweeping statements about what needs to…

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The Cloud You Didn’t Know You Needed

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I’m a sucker for the Olympics. I love it ALL. I love the pageantry and the uniforms and the human interest stories. I love watching random events and I convinced a friend of mine that we absolutely could qualify for the modern Pentathlon if we trained hard enough. Note: the modern pentathlon involves fencing someone, and then jumping in a pool and swimming 200 meters, jumping on a horse that you…

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