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Post-Retreat Reality

By | Jesus, Relationships | 4 Comments

  Hey friends, on the heels of un/defined, I wanted to republish this post I wrote a while ago about getting back to reality after a “mountain top” experience at a retreat. Hope it’s helpful to you!  Drawing back on my decade-ish of retreat experience, this is what I know: I know that what has happened in our hearts this weekend is not as important as what will happen in…

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Letting Go

By | Uncategorized | 3 Comments

You don’t normally find me on a bike in my work clothes, cruising my neighborhood. But when my little one insists he can walk the dog himself, this is what I did, because this is precisely what moms do. We cast our dignity off and throw our shoes on and cruise. On a bike. Slowly stalking behind my guy. I was close enough to hear his sing-song words as he…

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The truth about writing, in 5 easy steps.

By | Writing | 2 Comments

The Five Stages of Writing: #1: Denial. Act like the words you’ll write will come out exactly as they sound in your head. procrastinate. #2: Anger. Why in the world would these terrible editors ASK YOU FOR WORK FOR GOODNESS SAKE AND EXPECT YOU KEEP DEADLINES? #3: Bargaining: Tell yourself that you WILL NOT get on Facebook or shop for custom maternity T-shirts for friends or read movie reviews from…

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Right in front of you.

By | Uncategorized | No Comments

  It’s right in front of you. You’ve been wondering and wandering about this thing–this call, the purpose, the great adventure. You’ve been reading, or avoiding your Bible, and you are frustrated and instead you daydream about the real thing, what God should want you to have and do and be, and it’s this other, this place over the rainbow, a place where you get less annoyed and you have more patience and…

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When you worry about your kids.

By | Jesus | No Comments

I filmed a few little videos a while back, and here’s a two-minute clip on worrying about our kids. Here’s a quick overview: we are the stewards of our children’s lives focus on the heart storms are inevitable, but Jesus gives us courage.  

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The Disillusionment Solution

By | Leadership | No Comments

Today Nicole’s over at Gifted for Leadership, sharing on how evangelism is everyone’s responsibility. Here’s a little bit of the article: We all have moments, as leaders, when we want to give it up. Maybe you just want to hide after someone critiques your event or questions your decisions, when you’re weary from holding others up as they fall apart, or when you feel dry and disconnected from God even…

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5 Things to Teach Your Kids (and yourself)

By | Relationships | 3 Comments

By 7AM, I’ve already corrected one of my three kids at least five times. Did you make your bed? Are your teeth brushed? Are you sure? DON’T MAKE ME CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR TOOTHBRUSH IS WET. No, dry toothbrushing is not acceptable practice. Yes, you have to wear socks with your sneakers. That’s the same thing I told you yesterday. No, not one sock. TWO SOCKS. Is your homework…

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5 Female Authors You Should Know

By | Uncategorized | One Comment

A good book should always do one of the three things: make you cry, make you laugh, or make you see the world differently. Anyone who can accomplish more than that at once, even better! So here’s five authors that can do that for you. I would encourage you to grab up these titles for your summer reading list!   Clout: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence by Jenni Catron….

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God’s Purpose for Your Life

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Today I’m over at Relevant Magazine, sharing an adaption from Start Here. Check it out!    Do you spend much time wondering (or worrying) about what career or purpose is right for your life? I’ve lost sleep over the same topic, constantly returning to this question: Am I wasting my life in this (job, relationship, church, etc.)? Most of us are deeply concerned with living meaningful, purposeful lives, and we…

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