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The Diversion

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This is part two of a series. Start here first. I wore a blue sweater dress and black flats with a big bow on the toe. We stood in a receiving line and I locked hands with hundreds of people, who congratulated us kids like we had done something to deserve it; somehow because our dad was being promoted also promoted us. I remember thinking how important it felt to be…

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On Why I’m Becoming A Pastor.

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  Fifteen years ago this month, I sat in the back row of a nondescript classroom and thought I don’t belong here.  Nearly everyone else in the room was at least ten years older than me, and male. I loved the professor and loved what he said even more. He talked passionately about the church, about her story, about our story in it. I was captivated. I was captured by the story. I know…

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Hello, Beauty Full

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Elisa Morgan is the real deal. I first met Elisa at a conference and I was a little starstruck. Not because she engenders that–she’s as down-to-earth as they come–but because she’s a fierce leader (CEO of MOPS for many years), a passionate and insightful bible teacher, and an authentic soul. Elisa’s book She Did What She Could inspired me to take my calling seriously. Elisa’s memoir The Beauty of Broken made me laugh, cry,…

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For Those In The Middle

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I have found myself in the middle, a very new place to be. Middle age is upon us. I help lead people and I am led, which means I am middle management. We are middle-childhood parents. (Myla is our bonus baby who lives with Olivia at our house…which makes us surrogate grandparents…more middle.) And I am finding the middle a very nice place to be. Middle means that there are…

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Love Beyond Reason

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Although I love the chance to travel and speak, there’s something so special about being in my home church. During one service, I welcomed 4-week old twin girls attending their first service (with the bows on their heads that were bigger than their faces), hugged some teary-eyed friends going through all the stuff life brings, and got to preach with my other friends in the front row with their adopted…

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4 Ways to Get Past Failure and Into Freedom

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Last night I got into an altercation with my young daughter. She wanted to watch a TV show; I wanted her to go to bed. What came next was a series of escalating arguments that ended with one person running out of the room crying and the other person weary and disappointed. (I’ll let you figure out who was who.) As grown-ups, we have a responsibility to steward our lives…

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