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Today I’m over on my friend Elisa Morgan’s blog. I first met Elisa at a conference called Synergy, for women in vocational ministry. The first thing I noticed about Elisa was her energy–she moves, talks and thinks fast. This made me like her immediately–and because I also knew she was a Bible teacher, author and leader (no small thing, she was leading MOPS International at the time)–I knew I had to try…

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The Way the World Works

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When you leave your world behind, you learn things. That’s always true, even if it’s a quick trip to visit a friend in another state or a long trip across the world. This trip was about an experience that changes our own little view of the world–and I was the facilitator for our young leaders at Hope in the Praxis program. For all of us, life becomes familiar–quick. In that…

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Some quick updates

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The Praxis program, the ministry residency program I direct for leaders interested in vocational ministry, is now accepting applications. If you or someone you know is interested in coming to work for a dynamic church with a creative, entrepreneurial staff that works hard to find creative and relational ways to introduce people to Christ, then please apply! All the details you need are on the website, and find out more…

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The one word trick.

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Quick. Let’s play a game. When I write a word, you think of the next immediate word that comes to mind. Ready? Here we go. PEANUT BUTTER.  did you say sandwich? jelly? sticky? yum? gross? Lots of words come to mind, don’t they? Let’s try another one. Ready? WINTER.  did you say snow? cold? dreadful? (oh wait, that’s just me writing on a dreary, wet, dark day. bleh.) Last one….

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The best news of your life

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Tonight in the bathtub my son wanted to practice holding his breath. The first time he got 24 seconds. Then I told him about the man who can hold his breath for 22 minutes. So then he tried, and tried, and tried, and a dozen times later he broke 30 seconds. When he came up sputtering from his long submersion, he grinned up at me with his two grown-up teeth…

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