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  I strung the Christmas lights in the rain. In the dark. Strung might be a strong word for what amounted to wrapping four strands of lights around our stair railings. When I stepped back to check out my work, my son called the finished product “chaotic.” But God’s been teaching me about enough this year. Enough, as in “not perfect”. Good Enough. Bright Enough. Done Enough. Enough doesn’t come easily to me. I don’t like enough. I…

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4 Keys to Creating Great Experiences

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It’s Thanksgiving, folks, which means many of us will be cramming too many people into our dining rooms, trying to make three times the normal amount of food for three times the normal amount of people. That’s a recipe for some stress–and I don’t know anyone who likes themselves more when they are stressed. Imagine if that were true! “Oh, honey, I’m so stressed out and it just brings out…

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When children turn into cats

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I absolutely love this essay. I first read it in my pediatrician’s office and can’t stop thinking about it since. It was first published in this San Francisco newspaper but with a little sleuthing I tracked down author  Adair Lara. She graciously allowed me to share the whole thing with you!  Enjoy! When Children Turn Into Cats –Adair Lara I just realized that while children are dogs, loyal and affectionate,…

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on loving free stuff…and some good free stuff

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Ok, so y’all LOVE free stuff. I mean, love it. My friend/assistant was loving your enthusiasm as you guys reacted so EXCITEDLY to the idea that you were getting a free T-shirt. The love spiral was just as exciting over here, as we LOVE giving stuff away. I can almost imagine all of us issue-owners wearing our shirts all together and taking one of those jumping pictures on a beach…

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Waiting Doesn’t Care How You Treat It

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This week we took a little getaway with our kids and stopped at a beautiful winery on the way home. As we perused the selections, I noticed a Meritage with the tag “Good for enjoying from now through 2022.” My immediate reaction? What they are NOT saying is this wine is great right now. What they are REALLY saying is that this wine is great if you’ll wait. Of course, we drank…

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