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dis·ap·point·ment ˌdisəˈpointmənt/ noun the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations. I hate disappointment. You may think, sure, everyone hates disappointment, but I hate it-hate it. I think “nonfulfillment of one’s hopes” might just be one of the worst realities of the human condition. I’ve struggled with disappointment my whole life. When I was in my twenties, I remember a poignant conversation with…

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When Wonder Finds You

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This is a story about finding wonder, and losing it, and finding it again. This story takes place in an unlikely place (a golf course) at an unlikely time (mid-morning on a Monday). It was early spring, and a neighbor had just tipped me off that the course is closed on Monday, and the grounds crew looks the other way if you decide to run on those beautiful cart paths, and so…

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They Say The World Is Round

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They say the world is round. But I think it has sharp edges. I walk out of my door and I see new life bursting forth in glorious array, dogwoods and birds, tulips and caterpillars. All of creation sings of his glory. But through another door in another part of the world is a baby girl in an airport terminal, bloodied, crying over her mama. (Video here; hard to watch…

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(Thanks to Nicki Metcalf photography for capturing this moment–God is so good, and I am overwhelmed by the way he moved at un/defined. What a joy.) This is a full season. I have known “full” before–with busyness, with young children, with impending changes. But this feels like a new kind of full–a deep passion to bring scripture to you, to let God’s word alone do its work in your soul….

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Post-Retreat Reality

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  Hey friends, on the heels of un/defined, I wanted to republish this post I wrote a while ago about getting back to reality after a “mountain top” experience at a retreat. Hope it’s helpful to you!  Drawing back on my decade-ish of retreat experience, this is what I know: I know that what has happened in our hearts this weekend is not as important as what will happen in…

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Full Life.

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She hurries along the well-beaten path, shielding her face from the sharp rays of the sun. Many have walked these steps—earlier this morning and for generations before, seeking the water so necessary for every part of life. The family tree has splintered, but the roots stay connected here at Jacob’s well. In the stories she knows, wells always hold promise—where Isaac and Rebekah’s love story began, where Jacob first loved…

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