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The one word trick.

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Quick. Let’s play a game. When I write a word, you think of the next immediate word that comes to mind. Ready? Here we go. PEANUT BUTTER.  did you say sandwich? jelly? sticky? yum? gross? Lots of words come to mind, don’t they? Let’s try another one. Ready? WINTER.  did you say snow? cold? dreadful? (oh wait, that’s just me writing on a dreary, wet, dark day. bleh.) Last one….

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The best news of your life

By | Jesus | 4 Comments

Tonight in the bathtub my son wanted to practice holding his breath. The first time he got 24 seconds. Then I told him about the man who can hold his breath for 22 minutes. So then he tried, and tried, and tried, and a dozen times later he broke 30 seconds. When he came up sputtering from his long submersion, he grinned up at me with his two grown-up teeth…

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  I strung the Christmas lights in the rain. In the dark. Strung might be a strong word for what amounted to wrapping four strands of lights around our stair railings. When I stepped back to check out my work, my son called the finished product “chaotic.” But God’s been teaching me about enough this year. Enough, as in “not perfect”. Good Enough. Bright Enough. Done Enough. Enough doesn’t come easily to me. I don’t like enough. I…

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4 Keys to Creating Great Experiences

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It’s Thanksgiving, folks, which means many of us will be cramming too many people into our dining rooms, trying to make three times the normal amount of food for three times the normal amount of people. That’s a recipe for some stress–and I don’t know anyone who likes themselves more when they are stressed. Imagine if that were true! “Oh, honey, I’m so stressed out and it just brings out…

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When children turn into cats

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I absolutely love this essay. I first read it in my pediatrician’s office and can’t stop thinking about it since. It was first published in this San Francisco newspaper but with a little sleuthing I tracked down author  Adair Lara. She graciously allowed me to share the whole thing with you!  Enjoy! When Children Turn Into Cats –Adair Lara I just realized that while children are dogs, loyal and affectionate,…

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